Decades of Quality, invaluable and Collaborative experience.

M6 Carpet Cleaning™ was born as the brain-child of Adam Keem, young Singaporean idealist in 1990. Adam decided on focusing his new venture on providing unrivalled quality, value added services and personalised custom jobs. Fast forward 2 decades, M6 Carpet Cleaning™ is now the hallmark of the carpet cleaning industry with spotless track records and work history with large local and overseas firms. We held our founder's beliefs for his company close to all our hearts and all of us strive to satisfy and please our vast clientele.

What makes M6 Carpet Cleaning™ unique?

Easy, because we put you as our priority, building strong and valued relationships with our clients. Our founder believed that a customer will forever remain just someone who buys your work; while a happy friend will always look forward to your service. Which is essentially why we make sure whatever work our staff does is exactly what you want, through collaboration and communication between both parties. Resulting in a service that is truly consumer personalized; something that is rare in our industry.

New age cleaning systems.

Adam believed strongly in keeping up to date with technology's development and making sure his firm used everything in their power to move with advancement. Now, we still carry that ideology with us; having research teams work tirelessly to come up with the best methods and new technologies for cleaning more efficiently. Allowing us to provide you with quite possibly the cheapest and most high tech carpet cleaning solution in the industry.

Our Staff.

The staff of a company make the company what it is and gives it is reputation; each and every staff member in M6 Carpet Cleaning™'s family is committed fully to one thing: your satisfaction. We believe that our staff take pride and joy in their work and will thus provide you a service that you are bound to be happy receiving. Friendly, Collaborative and efficient. Honestly what more of a workforce could you ask for?